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Website Analyzer allows you to analyze your websites IP Address, Alexa Information, Google Information, Link Information, Image Information, Script Information, Deprecated HTML Tags, Non-Standard HTML Tags and Obsolete HTML Tags.

Terms Of Service

1) It is forbidden to add links on that contains illegal content and/or add any unlawful information

2) So ASSERTIVE do not add link to shortid with a content ILLEGAL like :
--> Content porn, adult, and vulgar
--> Content violent
--> Content hacking and cracking
--> Malware software or hardware
--> Content gambling
--> Content fraud and phising
--> Spamming

3) Prohibited any kind of fraud with respect to

4) In case of violation of terms and conditions we reserve the right to delete user including its revenue

5) We reserve the right to send emails to registered users at any time and/or remove any user at any time without cause and without prior notice and/or remove user revenue at any time without cause and without prior notice

6) We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to you